Fun, relaxed, & created to help your child face life like a superhero

My workshops are created to engage, excite and develop your child’s understanding of their minds, emotions and communication skills.

Workshops are available throughout Hampshire and online. 


My workshops are designed and tailored to your specific needs and ages. Workshops aim to provide young people with the tools and skills they may need in life when things don’t go to plan. Skills learned in my workshops not only enhance younger year development, but they also build stable foundations for adult life.

Group  workshops in Hampshire focus on areas in life where support may be needed, such as

Confidence building

Communication skills


School Anxiety

Managing Exam Anxiety


Workshops available in Southampton, Chandlers Ford, Winchester and throughout Hampshire

Learning through play and interaction, developing peer relationships, and having a small group safety net,  encourages trust and openness, reducing unwanted negative emotions. 

Attending a workshop will:

  • Make learning fun
  • Boost self-confidence
  • Use simple, practical exercises that are proven to be effective
  • Enable the young person to make confident and informed choices
  • Utilise tools that can be applied in day-to-day scenarios

Which workshop would work for you? NLP4Kids offers a great selection of children's workshops, designed to ensure every child has the BEST possible learning experience.


  • Thoughts, feelings, language, and behavior – what it’s all about
  •  Rapport building
  • Power words of positivity, making every word count
  • Understanding others’ points of view

Confidence Building

  • Positivity v’s negativity – how thoughts affect our feelings 
  • Body language techniques and how to understand nonverbal communication
  • Controlling your beliefs to become unstuck 
  • Mood-boosting techniques

Exam Stress

  • Setting achievable and realistic goals
  • Understanding beliefs
  • Memory skills and learning techniques – how to remember like a boss!
  • How to keep calm & relaxation techniques


  • Positive mindset, how to motivate your mind
  • Super senses and how to make them work for you
  • Improve your mood……FAST
  • Refocus, reset, and squash that “problem”

Workshops are suitable for children aged 7+ years.

Workshops will run for specific age groups to ensure that the topic is suited to everyone attending.

Duration is dependent on the age of the children and the topics covered. The minimum duration is one hour.

I run workshops for schools, charities, and local communities in Southampton, Winchester, Chandlers Ford and throughout Hampshire.

To discuss the right workshop for you, book a call here  or email:


Informative, engaging workshops for parents and carers of children and teenagers.


NLP4Parents is not about changing your child, it’s about changing your responses and communication with your child. Simply by making a few small changes, you will enable more desired responses from them.

Attending a workshop will:

  • Improve your confidence as a guardian
  • You will be able to support your child through their NLP strategies confidently
  • You will understand language patterns, how they work, and why we need them
  • Reduce arguing or stalemate situations
  • Teach you techniques to encourage positive option response

If you are a Parent, Guardian, or Teacher then we have a workshop for you.

 Typically our workshops are tailored to run for a specific group which ensures the topic covered is suited to everyone attending.

Durations vary dependent on the topic and size of the group. The minimum duration will be 90 minutes.

I run workshops for private groups, charities, and local communities, so if you see something that could be of interest, please give me a call on 07748808670 or email to discuss further.

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You can call me directly : 07748808670

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You can see me in person at Shanti Rooms, 70 Hiltingbury Road, Chandlers Ford, Hampshire