Private Therapy Adult & Child

Get the tools and support you need to raise confident, happy, and successful kids.

Are you looking for help raising your child? My 1-1 parent coaching program can help you develop the skills and confidence you need to be the best parent you can be.

As an experienced parenting expert, I can help you with a variety of issues such as discipline and behavior. With my guidance, you can confidently resolve any parenting challenge.

  • Discipline in the home
  • Communication styles
  • School Refusal
  • Behavior problems
  • Understanding your teenager

I’m confident that with my personalised guidance tailored to your unique situation, you’ll achieve the success you’re looking for.

My flexible scheduling options make it easy for you to fit sessions into your busy lifestyle. I am here to help you and your child conquer any obstacles and reach your goals with my unwavering support.


I can’t wait to see you succeed and look forward to being a part of your journey towards success. Let’s get started!

If you’re ready to take the next step in your parenting journey, contact me today to learn more about our 1-1 parent coaching program. 


One-to-one sessions are invaluable for helping children, teens, and adults who may be struggling with emotionally challenging situations.

With just a few focused sessions, you or your child can emerge as a confident, empowered version of yourself.

My sessions are dynamic, and you’ll leave each one feeling more engaged and in control.

You’ll have small tasks to take on, but each one is a step towards your ultimate goal of discovery and self-improvement.

You’ll learn to harness your inner strength and face challenges with renewed confidence.

NLP’s approach is solution-focused, so we will work together to find quick and effective solutions that will have an immediate impact on your life.

In just four to eight sessions, you’ll feel, see, and believe in a new you. So come with an open heart and mind, and let’s start this journey towards a better you!

How can you help? 

It’s never all down to the practitioner. You will need to commit to helping your child use the tools provided, and be prepared to help them practice the techniques taught.  I may suggest we have our own one-to-one sessions if we feel this will help the process succeed.

During the first session.

I will ask your child questions that will help me understand their problem from their perspective. This allows me to plan and develop tailored one-to-one sessions.

I will also give you the opportunity to ask me any questions. Depending on the age and concentration of your child or teen, a consultation will last 30-60 minutes. 

I will discuss in depth with you and your child the issues that are causing concern. At the end of the consultation, you will be able to book further sessions which can be paid for either in advance or as we go.


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