One to One Therapy & Coaching

Helping Hampshire's teens find solutions to longstanding challenges 

As a trained professional I help you improve communication, strengthen relationships, and create a happy, healthy family unit.

Are you in need of support?

  • We argue all the time, I can’t take all the tantrums.
  • I don’t understand them, they just shut me out.
  • Is my child suffering from anxiety or trauma?
  • Why is my child so withdrawn
  • Their anger is getting worse, I don’t know what to do. 

NLP techniques will help you understand and be understood

Depressed, withdrawn children feel they have nowhere to turn, as a parent this can be heartbreaking

If you are looking to help your child understand their feelings and emotions, remove negative and unwanted thoughts and beliefs, and conquer their anxiety then NLP can help.

Deep set traumas, devastating emotions and poor communication can lead to spiralling problems for the individual and the family as a whole.   

Sibling rivalry, marital breakdowns and expulsion from education can all be results of unresolved issues.

At Family Therapy South Coast, I help Hampshire families thrive as a unit, and overcome difficulties.

Why NLP?

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) is an instruction manual for our minds, providing us with resources to teach how to think, rather than what to think. It allows children and young people to take responsibility for their thoughts and feelings.  Using the tools provided, your child will be able to embrace a positive mindset. 


How did we get here?

Over time a child’s fears can develop into irrational and negative thoughts, leading to them manifesting physical discomforts, such as feeling sick, becoming withdrawn, or having tummy aches.

These physical discomforts can become disconnected from the original fear that started this pattern in the first place, making it a very difficult circuit to break.

I can work with your child to help them overcome problems they may be facing.


You may book an initial online consultation free of charge and with no obligation. It is important that we both feel this is the best fit for your child.

I am based in Chandlers Ford, Hampshire. You can choose face-to-face or online sessions.

Sessions are generally 60 minutes and require you to wait nearby while I work with your child.


I offer a safe space to talk, where my young client can be heard and feel comfortable.

On average my clients require six to eight sessions.

Further one-off session’s can be arranged in following months, years, or as challenges arise.